Inclusive Solutions in Learning

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Inclusive Solutions Team (IST) supports bold learning organizations as they create equitable and inclusive school cultures. We understand that there are no "one-size-fits-all"  solutions in education; however,  we are committed to working in partnership with schools (domestic and abroad) in order to understand the current needs and desired outcomes. IST collaborates with school leaders to design a customized process which aligns school culture, beliefs and  strategic goals, and transforms teacher practice in order to impact student learning. We offer a complete inclusive system set-up to include a tool-kit of protocols, procedures and forms for each level a school may be on. We meet you right where you are!


One of our co-founders shares her painful experience working as a whole school learning support coordinator in a top tier international school environment that refused to change. This challenging experience propelled her to start her own consulting company. She expresses how through needed change, some teachers and administrators viewed their schools' increasing movement for inclusion as a problem rather than an opportunity.

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The work of creating inclusive school environments is constantly evolving. As we learn more about best practices and discover how to do familiar things in new ways, there are opportunities to look at systems (mental models, strategies and plans) which represent the school's beliefs and values.

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Faculty who have not shifted their beliefs are hesitant to shift their practice. We support school communities in shifting beliefs and learning new practices by:

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We consult with, and coach, school leaders as they lead their faculty through the change of inclusive solutions. Whether conducting the program review onsite or virtually, we present information to pertinent faculty and facilitate processes with the senior leadership team, strategic planning teams and other groups charged with designing and leading school-wide change.

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The Inclusive Toolkit

We meet schools where they are. Whether the school is just beginning to incorporate inclusive practices or whether they are on their way, we are here to help with a toolkit complete with any protocols or documents needed to assist.

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Tips on Creating an Inclusive School and Why It Matters

Creating a school that is truly inclusive starts in each classroom, but it must also be wider in scope. It requires specific strategies and a shift in culture that is shared and encouraged by the school administration, teachers, and students.

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Celebrating Inclusive Classrooms

A curated list of teacher-facing materials and evaluation criteria to affirm and reflect students’ identities and to help facilitate important conversations about equity, racism, and belonging.

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What Does an Inclusive Classroom Look Like?

What is inclusion, and what does inclusion look like in classrooms? Simply stated, inclusion is about ALL students belonging!

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4 Benefits of Inclusive Classrooms

In an inclusive classroom, general education teachers and special education teachers work together to meet the needs of students. This gives special education students the support they need while they stay in a general education classroom. All students can benefit from inclusive classrooms.

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Inclusive Classroom Climates

An inclusive classroom climate refers to an environment where all students feel supported intellectually and academically, and are extended a sense of belonging in the classroom regardless of identity, learning preferences, or education.

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